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The Interview Series: Amy Cowen

"I see quilts as a canvas,
and the way you use fabric
and blocks and line and shape
can tell a story and carry a narrative,
even a symbolic one."
Amy Cowen


Welcome to my interview with Amy Cowen, a writer, artist, quilter & podcaster deluxe.

I'm endlessly fascinated by the lives of artists and I am drawn to artist interviews. Where do they find inspiration? How do they make time for art? What draws the artist to a particular medium?

This is the third in a series of artist interviews. If you enjoy the interviews, please comment, ask questions of the interviewee, and let me know how I can improve the dialogs. Your words make a big difference! 


So let's get started!

[All artwork and photography in this post are copyright Amy Cowen and utilized with permission from the artist.]

It was Amy's voice that sparked my renewed interest in art after decades of corporate life. There were artful escapades with the kids and baskets of art materials but not really any art of my own. Amy's words, her perspective on creativity, her fresh approach... sparked my creative curiosity. Amy is an artist and writer living in California. Her creative mix tape includes publishing The Creative Mom Podcast, writing for Science Buddies, creating vivid freeform quilts and sketching in ink.

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