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The gouache journal is a wrap!

“You don’t think your way to creative work.
You work your way to creative thinking.”
George Nelson

Well folks, I don’t know the trick but I keep showing up every day and the carousel of ideas keeps flowing and I’m cool with that. And the funny part? I think I’ve named this journal but I cannot remember! So it’s “the gouache journal” until I think of something else.

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gouacheDaisy Yellow
Tiny Abstract: Drawing with pencil + painting with gouache

Over the last year and a half, I’ve made just a few [understatement] abstracts with ink - and now while I’m still doing that — I’m ALSO exploring in gouache in the same format. Yes — I am completely enamored with tiny abstracts so I wanted to share that with you! Filmed this work-in-process where I draw lines with a geometric/architectural vibe and add color with gouache paint. This is tubed gouache that I’ve let dry in the palette and then rewet when I want to paint [that post has lots of lush details about that]. So I’m using gouache like pan watercolors, to give you a frame of reference, although gouache is generally more opaque and has a bit of a texture to it. I'm letting the paints just flow into each other, not trying to control that. I like the wild results, the happy accidents where colors intersect and mingle.

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Painting Quasi-Concentric Circles with Gouache

Yeah! I’ve been filming my new {abstract watercolor|gouache} workshop for the past month and while I work on that, I made a fun + happy + colorful tutorial to share with you in advance! This is a fun {meditative} painting technique that takes advantage of the opacity of gouache to make layers + layers that blend and blur and form such interesting intersections + colors!

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gouache, tutorialDaisy Yellow
Sunny Stripes with Gouache

I think today is a good day to take your art materials out for or a spin! They're gonna gather dust otherwise.. and we cannot have dusty paint tubes... can we? Painting light and airy stripes with gouache... and wishing you a lovely day, friends! Yup, I've got more art videos at YouTube!

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