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Creative Nudge Vol. 02

I’ve been working on this NEW collection of 14 explorations and after excessive and admittedly abundant editing, refining, revising, and perfecting… it is ready to release to you! I HOPE you L O V E it! It’s hard to fathom but since 2011, when I started developing the Daisy Yellow Zine I’ve written 18 regular issues, 4 special ICAD-themed issues, plus 2 Creative Nudges! If you’ve got a zine scorecard, that’s 24 digital zines. The Creative Nudge is different from a regular zine because it is much longer, with expanded explorations + tutorial videos.

😀😀😀 Save $6 on Nudge VOL 01 and Vol 02 thru August 10th 😀😀😀

❝Create something tangible...
a page in your art journal,
a sketch on an index card, a short story,
or another project to interpret the ideas.❞

Enjoy the prompts, threads, concepts, curiosities & possibilities.
I’ve also filmed two brand new video tutorials!!!

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31 Inktober Drawings & Thoughts on Creative Challenges

Thirty-one days of drawing in ink, painting in vivid colors, exploring imaginary structures…. it’s been interesting to watch how an idea sparks the next. How on earth does one categorize this type of drawing? Is it perhaps an abstract illustration? What comes to my mind when I’m making them — some sort of imaginary structures, like landscapes, caves, houses, retreats.

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The magic of creating every day

If you take up some form of creative work, there's a domino impact with threads leading to almost every aspect of your life. The work {whether you call it work or play} becomes a facet of your personality and self-identity. You start to "see" the world from a new perspective, with eyes that see opportunities in things you had previously ignored.

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Interplanetary Chandeliers

Hi there! This is my 3rd post where I share my 365 project with you! I'm multitasking, if that's the word? Batching. Grouping. Lots of different cards with lots of different things going on simultaneously. Each day I look at the cards and make a split second decision to call some of them done. This week I worked in ink again, with stitching on some cards and also a tiny bit of acrylic paint entered the picture.

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52+ Repeatable Daily Creative Ideas for 30-52-365 Projects

Here's a ginormous list of repeatable art ideas where you can play with variables, take different paths or tangents or directions, as the base for your explorations. Setting a small daily creative goal has a positive domino impact on your life! But where do you start? What do you do? It's easy to start wavering between ideas, unsure of what to do, and then taking no action at all. But we're not going to do that!

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Green clouds and ink blots.

Creative people thrive on making stuff. Real stuff. Intangible stuff. Imaginary stuff. Cinnamon strudels, photographs, patterns, apps, scarves, ceramic chop stick holders, novels, accordion books.... But having to do a specific thing on a specific day can feel stifling sometimes, can't it? It just feels like another rule. And I'm not much of a rule follower in terms of my art. 

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365 Somethings 2018: Getting Started

Happy new beginnings, my friends! It's been very busy around our house with college applications and holidays... but we cannot forget about ART!!! It is always there, behind-the-scenes, the scaffolding that keeps me balanced. I wanted to tell you all about the 365 Somethings Project I'm doing with Hanna Andersson in 2018! This is NOT your typical 365 project... BECAUSE it can done on your own schedule, NOT structured as one per day! 

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31+ Notes Re: Doing Art Every Day for 31 Days

If you're a long-time reader [thank you 🦋 for that] you already know that I work in my own little world called Tammyland. From my little art desk I watch the squirrels scurrying up tree branches, defying my understanding of gravity, and I draw or paint or collage or whatever strikes my mood on that particular day. This is my official wrap-up, my lessons learned from creating a series of square inked cards every day for a month.

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Inktober: Mandalas, Polaroids & Positivity.

This series ranks No. 1 for patience and dedication this month - I drew the mandalas with a dip pen and black india ink and then later that day painted each mandala with one color of J. Herbin Fountain pen ink mixing only with black to achieve these monochromatic mandalas!

Admittedly, I'm tempted to add a few more fountain pen inks to my collection... a holiday give to myself? Just a few. But oh my gosh, what color(s)? 🐰 So many options. 

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