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You never know what you will discover.

How do you grow as an artist? Honestly you just keep doing the work. The work that resonates with you. You can work in more than one medium, or several at once, and still move forward. You will surprise yourself! What we fail to remember is that techniques are invented, discovered, re-invented, and re-imagined each day all over the world. By people who went to art school and those who did not. You never know what you will discover.

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Art Journaling 101: Revised!

new readers often seek information about creativity and art journaling -— MANY years ago, I created Art Journaling 101 as a starting point for readers to find key resources from the archives of Daisy Yellow. I update the post about 2x per year and this was the week for AJ101, switching out photographs, adding links to popular posts, plus updated most of the post with my Go-To Art Journaling Materials.

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Dealing with Creative Blocks

If you are feeling uninspired, in a creative rut, missing the muse... please know that this is temporary. I have some thoughts about how you can get yourself back into the creative habit. So I'll preface this by saying that I have been doing art just about every day for a decade. I've got a zillion projects in process -- art journals, drawing journals, lettering journals, painted papers, index card collages, everything in various stages of completion.

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