Carousel30 No. 7-15

I’ve been painting with gouache and drawing in my Moleskine. That adds up to a good amount of art-making even with the chaos of everyday life and trying to just keep breathing. My brain is moving in slow motion with bittersweet tears surrounding transitions and parenting and life and deep discussions and thoughts about the value of friendships and changes and how being a mom is a series of things and I’m in a phase that is difficult. My older daughter flew back for her 2nd year at university and is enjoying her experience. My younger daughter enters 12th grade next week! So I surprised myself by a) writing this post in timely fashion, and b) making progress with Carousel30 prompts! There are a few ICAD posts in work, I promise!

My history with prompts is that I am way more comfy developing them than doing them! So why do I push myself to do them? Because going through the mental gyrations and gymnastics of finding a solution — one that makes some sort of logical sense to me — helps me be more creative. It cultivates creativity and helps me stay agile and to think in fresh ways. Plus I often wind up drawing or painting both inside and outside my comfort zone. So that’s a bonus.

I’m continuing on the same sheet of 9x12” watercolor paper and as hoped, it looks really cool all filled in! It’s been a good low key project to do each day… you can find descriptions of prompts 1-6 here.

7. "sled" is a snowflake mandala in a blue sky. When I was growing up, we went sledding at a very steep hill at the park when the snow was puffy and perfect… [top right, under orange section].

8. "ribbon" is a play on pos/neg space [orange, top right].

9. "comet" is an abstract landscape with a sky that may or may not make sense but I'm going with it [lower left].

10. "true story" was a road block but ultimately I went with a quotation about friendship. Friends are part of our own true story, aren’t they!? This quote really resonated with me. I’m fortunate to have many good friends both IRL and online and we help each other through the good and the bad and the in-between.

11. "overlap" is translucent bubbles, always a fun thing to paint.

12. "subtitle" stumped me; at first I was going to try to letter a faux book cover but with such a small space I went with what I thought would be two different title fonts that turned out looking quite similar other than the serifs… so embellished with rainbow lines… eh, good enough!

13. "found" is a map, another play on pos/neg space [right half of the triangles on the left side']

14. "breathe" is little bursts of paint, floating out, and then another, drifting up, etc. This is a play on something I did on an ICAD this summer [left half of the triangles on the left side] [page down if you want to see the ICAD ⬇️]

15. "planetarium" started with the curved roof of a planetarium and then overplayed silver grid and purple bubbles and now it kind of looks like Epcot, so… [lower left]

Find the full set of Carousel30 prompts here…

PS. My latest workshop is Tiny Adventure, with playful explorations in watercolor and gouache for the very beginner. Join me?