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As you navigate through the myriad of possibilities for your personal "what's next" after the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, try something with a little continued structure and built-in accountability. A set of prompts can help you do that! With a numbering scheme, ideas to contemplate, and built-in inertia to keep that creative streak going.

Through creating frequently, consistently, theoretically daily, I think you’ll find that you get started more quickly with less hesitation. You’ll get to know your tools better and may even work more intuitively. Having a daily art practice gives you a project goal, something to ponder and look forward to. Especially on the hard days. Pat yourself on the back, put a gallery of ICADs on your refrigerator, turn a few into greeting cards, send one to a cousin or friend who has been supportive of your endeavors.

At Daisy Yellow you’ll find a LOT of prompts! I think that prompts are extremely important to the creative process. The fun twist is that it’s not about the actual prompt… it’s about the process of solving the conundrum. How do you get from point A to point B? How do you hop from idea to idea and solve a puzzle?


Here’s how Carousel30 works!

  1. Interpret each prompt in any medium on paper. Create art journal pages, sketches, portraits, illustrations, collages, poetry, flash fiction, short stories, etc.

  2. The prompt does not have to be interpreted literally. A loose interpretation is just fine! See where it takes you. Try brainstorming connotations + associations of that word. Take a look at the synonyms and antonyms, pull the idea apart, alphabetize it, misconstrue it, rephrase it, find lyrics that fit somehow. Your work will not be graded by the PROMPT_ASSOCIATION_PEOPLE.

  3. Think about what the word/phrase means within the scope of your life? Does it bring back a memory? Remind you of the Jimmy Buffet concert 🎸🌴🦜 you went to in the 1980s? The cottage you rented one summer before some other thing happened? Or maybe that memory or thread is a starting point and you take it elsewhere? Put on your headphones and crank up Arctic Monkeys and make something!

  4. There is no time component to this series. I encourage you to work at a pace that feels comfortable but that also helps you stick with a consistent artistic practice. Use this to fill in the gaps or set a goal or completing x prompts per week. The benefit of a longer time frame is that you can work on one page for more than a day. Like in your journal you could create a background one day and then add collage and words etc. the next day. That gives you more flexibility to take on something that takes more than a day. And if you prefer to do one each day, or set your sights on year-end as a goal, that’s cool too. Very low key. When you’re finished, hop over to CatchPhrase next!

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