Canvas Refresh

I've been admiring the lovely, inventive, calming, colorful, clever, insightful, cute, experimental, quizzical, retro & zippy creative work whirring for the Index-Card-a-Day challenge.

Now that my voice has returned, and I'm feeling better, I filmed a bunch of tutorials, including a collage grid tutorial. My daughters took an improvisational acting class recently and on the ride home each day, they described the wickedly fast-paced exercises that got them thinking on their feet - things like intermingled but discrete story lines - carrying on conversations that switched back and forth between topics and characters - adapting quickly to new scenes and variables. Improvisational/impromptu art is like that to, isn't it? You see what you can develop within a particular prompt or medium or process. 

I am going to share a few posts to catch up with the cards I've created. 

So here's one of the sets/series I made.

I've had this canvas painting sitting against the wall {with a bunch of others} in my guest room/sewing room/ art room for a few months. I don't know when I painted it - from the style I'm thinking late 2011 or early 2012 but I can't even find a photograph of it... left it unfinished after learning what I wanted to learn from it.

So I tore the canvas off the wooden frame {this is easier than you might imagine} and squinted at the color scheme. Lots of pastels with some rainbows. So I tore it into strips and cut and moved around and re-arranged and composed little collages. These are on 3x5" index card dividers. I added some painted papers, hand-lettered papers and a few random other things. I tore apart an unfinished canvas and made a series of collages; same palette only different. All components, in effect, of a large acrylic painted canvas. Similar, yet different. Related, yet not!

For details about the ICAD Challenge see the ICAD FAQ.

Thank you!!! A special shout-out of appreciation to the super deluxe folks who are helping to moderate the ICAD FB group: Sue, Patricia, Melissa, Mo, Rebecca, Carolyn, Barbara, Anika, Kristin, Denyse, Debra & Amy. 

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