you can call it art

"Maps and memories are bound together, a little as songs and love affairs are. The artifact envelops the emotion, and then the emotion stores away in the artifact."
Adam Gopnik 

Copy of 130915_365update_0079.jpg

no need to lounge about at art galleries
or collect commissions
or reserve a series of ISBN#
you can define yourself
as an artist and an archeologist too
an Asana guru, archery blogger,
lua programmer, hydrangea gardener,
flight attendant, espresso enthusiast,
and microbiologist to the stars
but you do not need the belated approval
of Ms. Thistle, 2nd grade art tyrant
or a printed certification
or a life coach to grant permission
at a ridiculous hourly fee
surrounded by organic beeswax candles
instilled with essence of chamomile
or work in the style of  ____________
nor must your journals encapsulate
the paradigms of gouache composition