Bubbled Brayer Backgrounds

block printing ink + brayer + bubble wrap = dots!

  1. Ink a brayer. I used a 2" Speedball Soft Rubber Brayer. It rolls effortlessly and cleans up with water.

  2. Roll a stripe of ink onto bubble wrap.

  3. Place painted side of bubble wrap on a piece of paper. Any type of paper will work; I used watercolor paper. Bristol paper is also nice for this bubble wrap printing.

  4. Roll a dry brayer on the back of the bubble wrap gently to get the ink dots to the paper.

  5. How fun is that?

  6. Repeat with different colors. Block printing ink dries quickly, so you can reuse the bubble wrap to layer color over color.

  7. Cut the bubble wrap into different shapes, and use them as stamps.

  8. Try this technique in an altered book, on a loose art journal page, in a journal or as an art journal background.

  9. Cut into artist trading cards, note cards, bookmarks or gift tags.

bubble wrap painting