Bright + Bold Basics

“Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked.”
― Elizabeth Berg

You can take something basic and do lots of things with it.

I had a half hour before picking up the kids and I finger-painted a few 9x9" pages from the Aquabee drawing journal with heavy body acrylics. I liked the bright + bold simplicity of the page and thought about what to do with it. I could cut it into strips to use as book marks, slice it up for collage fodder, cut it into squares for my little handmade stitched journals... write on each color with black sharpie... even weave it.

Sometimes the most basic things have the most potential. So I took photographs of the page and played with it in photoshop to get the Hitchcock Psycho style look.

And this morning I took the page to the "sewing room" {aka guest room overrun with fabric + fodder} and considered both simple lines and a free-form mandala but frankly didn't feel like switching the foot on the machine. After stitching along the lines I took more photos because the texture was very cool.

You know that I could have gotten angry with myself for messy stitching but that would have missed the point of just having fun and seeing what happened. Everything - well almost everything - is just an experiment. See what happens. And the result of trying to stitch paper painted with acrylics? #pass

The imperfections add charm.