Tutorial: Bold Patterns with Magic Markers

It's time for a little creative diversion! Here's a fun idea about designing bold patterns that make use of positive and negative space.

I bet that you'll be brainstorming ideas for these little cards while you make dinner tonight! To get started, go and GRAB the widest, biggest markers you have! Like PITT Artist Big Brush Nib Markers {LOVE them!!!}, Sakura Pigma Brush Markers, or perhaps those ginormous bold Sharpies that you use to label boxes. If you don't have anything bold, just get your favorite markers and play along!!!


Cut Strathmore bristol paper, mixed-media paper, white card stock or watercolor paper into a square and rectangular pieces measuring less than about 2x2" but no need for uniform measurements! You can work just in black marker or add color into the mix. The white areas {the negative space} are part of the design; you will see patterns form in both the positive and negative aspects of the designs. 

Today we're delving into pattern making, magic markers & grids!!!  Simple materials can stretch our creative idea-generating skills in the most amazing way. We can focus on the work instead of trying to figure out how to use the materials!

Now that you have the idea, draw a pattern on each of the little papers. Use suns, stitch marks, stripes, pasta designs, fabric weaves, etc. Find ideas in the succulent plant on your patio and the turquoise pebbles in your fish tank! Patterns like zig zags, waves, polka dots & paisleys.

Wide-nibbed markers let you make BOLD patterns without any need for precision!

Take your patterned cards and arrange and re-arrange until you like the flow of the grid.

You can have an old-fashioned cut + paste session and glue the papers into a journal and even add MORE details with smaller markers and colored pencils. If you wish, add some depth by edging your little cards with Caran D'Ache Neocolors or a #2 pencil and smudge away..... 

I bet you'll feel 107% better after these escapades!!!!

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