Blue Jean Camera Bags

Sharing two bags I sewed for our upcoming trip.


The first pouch is for my older daughter's pocket camera... for days when she has no pockets. I've got to buy some velcro and stitch that on, and then it will be finished. My younger daughter wants one too!

Next, a larger bag for my camera.

I "quilted" the patchwork placed at back of the flap so that when I opened it I'd be happy to see rainbows. This is the back of that patchwork quilting.

I added the pocket after stitching the bag together, and obviously that was a bad move; should have been done well before that. The needle snagged on the gap between fabrics as I sewed semi-blindly, and the needle broke. The 1/2" piece of needle was nowhere to be found, so I took the top plate off and then the bobbin, then the thing that holds the bobbin in place and there it was! Scary to think what damage that could have done. Anyhow, the spot on the other side of the pocket is dorky so I might have to come up with a solution for that. I didn't put it on the outside, but now I think that would've been better, with a little snap or something to keep it closed.


This bag is for my Nikon D90 with the 50mm prime lens attached. Camera cases "on the market" have space for the body with a zoom or kit lens but it's the small 50mm I usually have on the camera body. The idea is that this bag will serve to protect the camera while in the backpack, one step better than just putting it inside {which is what I usually do}. I have a case for the camera and a few lenses that will protect it during travel, but it's not something I'd carry around. I want to be as light as possible. 

  1. Hanna shared my painted envelope that I sent her with journal goodies inside.
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  4. Traci Bunkers is the creative chaperone for 30 Days of Get Your Art On in October. I'll be on the road much of the month, but I hope you will pop over and get involved.
  5. I'm entranced by this graffiti-esque hotel room in Paris and I really want to live in that room. If the link isn't good, it's the "tilt" room.
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