Blue Carpet and terra cotta tile

"Drawing is feeling. 
Color is an act of reason."
Pierre Bonnard

Sometimes it feels like if I can get the lines down the way I want them then painting is a walk in the park. But the more I paint, the more I learn that paint can be applied with such subtle twists and turns and highlights and whatever-lights that it boggles the mind. 

9x12" Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper, pencil and gouache

More drawing/paintings from reference photos. By reference photo I just mean pulling an interesting image from a magazine and attempting to first sketch the scene and then paint it as well. My perspective is still completely off, everything is slanted and the furniture is falling downhill, but I'm finding this a fantastic challenge, especially documenting the patterns in the fabric, floors, carpets. Getting out in the world this summer, traveling, seems to have rewired my creative perspective.

What's new? Tiny Museum workshop just launched and we are having so much fun!!! Three exclamation points worth of fun!!! I'm working on a bunch of projects simultaneously {is there any other way?} including the next Zine. 

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