Blogging and sharing art has allowed me to meet other creative people that find beauty in an address inked with a dip pen, random drips of paint, a trolley ticket stub or a vintage AAA map. 

So thank YOU for reading along, for being supportive, for your emails, your likes, your comments. For letting me know when a post resonates with you. It helps me know that I am not talking to myself in this space, that maybe I'm making some sense here and there? It takes me awhile to write back, but I do try to do so. I've been interacting a lot in the DY FB group, but I have not been responding to comments here. So I will try to remedy that in the weeks ahead!

Blogging has changed since I started in 2008. A lot of fantastic blogs, like CraftyPod, have closed or disappeared or simply stopped updating. There are a bunch of old school bloggers still at the keyboard, typing away, week after week.  I've spoken to a bunch of bloggers in the past few months - folks with really wonderful, insightful, amazing blogs - who are uncertain whether it makes sense to keep blogging. They are not sure that they are making a difference in the world or even connecting with readers. So let folks know before they assume otherwise.

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➼ I've also started to use Pinterest and to see the value of sorting stuff visually. I made a board with links to the free tutorials at DY and a board for The Letter G.

PS. The Index-Card-a-Day Challenge starts June 1st. I'll be updating the FAQ, writing prompts and setting up the zillion things that need to happen to facilitate the challenge.