bLoGiVerSary wiNnErs!

Thanks for the ULTRA SWEET comments.
I 💚 the Daisy Yellow community!!!

And the
winners are...

12 lucky winners!!! Used the service to make the selections
from the 143 qualifying entries [removed duplicates]. 

If you are a winner and you haven't heard from me --
please email me because I can't find you! 


🤣 These 2 lucky winners get a workshop!!!
Congratulations!!! Winners can select Tiny Museum, Novel Approach or Groovy Grunge!

Hallie P
"... I'm an accountant who spends all day with numbers and is trying to get in touch with her creative side in off hours as a way to get in touch with the world and chill."

Penne N.
"...i enjoy the inspiration and the creativity you share!"


🤣 These 5 lucky winners get an EXPLORE art tutorial pack!!! 


Jo H. 
"...the colors lift me up... and the work and prompts and posts are so inspiring!!"

Kate B.
"...I like your approach to art and art journaling."

Jade S.
"...such wonderfully creative prompts, classes, and challenges."

"...because of the awesome inspiration and the colorful topics! Love this blog and ICAD."

"...there is so much to see, so much to learn and so much to DO!"


🤣 These 5 lucky winners get a Daisy Yellow Zine [winners can select any issue]

"...because it inspires me. I love color as much as you, Tammy, and I love what you do with it! Thank you for sharing all that you do, in such a fun, expressive way."

Emily C.
"...I get so much inspiration from the bright colors and from the wonderful work!"

Jennifer F.
 " is very inspirational and keeps me creative!"

Carol G.
""...I love all her cool ideas and the ICAD series!"

Diane T.
""...I love your colors and marks and the inspiration I get from it. And you are soooo generous with your information. And your enthusiasm is contagious!"


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