Beyond the thickets, hedges + gates.

The collection is expanding! Tiny abstracts by Tammy Garcia

Abstracts #76-79

Snapped a photo of my first 90-ish cards. At this point I'm running way ahead although my photography is running way behind. I like that I can work fast and loose on whims, taking tangents, get curious about this or that, veering in one direction for a few cards, stumbling into another.

Curious if this will make sense to you guys, but maybe these are bookmarks? When I flip through the cards every week or so certain cards or concepts jump out at me and I trust that I will circle back and explore them again one day. It gets the idea documented and then I can focus on the next idea. The faster I work, the LESS wrapped up in the end result. It works for the way I like to work. That's why I really like this flexible version 365 Somethings

These next cards feel fresh
a textural tangent

3x3" ink + thread by Tammy Garcia

3x3" ink + thread on watercolor paper, #76-79/365

The back of #79 is just as chaotic as the front! 

Toying with questions about the nature of mark-making... for me, this slow discovery process works magically for generating ideas. From doing seven years doing the ICAD challenge [which is 61 days - one per day - feels very different] I know without a doubt that ideas will emerge. 👣📿🕵🏼‍♂️🍄⛓🔮

Anyhow, this set is about levels and textures, stitch irregularities, clouds + sunshine, what’s beyond the garden gate... back + forth between ink + machine... 🌧🍋🥀🐝🌿 Inking the stitches, and stitching the inks! Dreamy inks soaking into the thread, forming puddles and contrasts. I’ve been listening to old episodes of the 99% Invisible podcast while I work. For years, I worked in silence, because I found it peaceful. But at some point, I forget when, I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Which of course I have to play LOUD or push pause while I sew!

Playing with inks non-stop has made me hyper-focused on the medium of INK, the exact colors in my stash, the characteristics of each and every ink. That has been a really cool and valuable outcome thus far. I wanted to fill some gaps in my collection but also to expand into new [intriguing] colors! I ordered new fountain pen inks [from Jet Pens] to expand my color rotation. Some of the new colors are in this snapshot, including the green J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage, the deep orange J. Herbin Orange Indien, and the violet J. Herbin Violette Pensée.  Also Noodlers Yellow and Noodlers Apache. Most of the J. Herbin inks that I'm using are over 5 years old and still just perfect even with my questionable ink habits. 

Of course fountain pen inks are not made for this kind of painty application so even inks that are flawless in fountain pens are theoretically not just right for what I'm trying to do. So far the winners for these abstracts are the Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay inks [once dry, stay put] and J. Herbin fountain pen inks [once dry, can be rewet] as I like leveraging the characteristics of both inks. These are completely different types of ink. 

If you want to better understand some aspect of your art-making, be it a particular material or size or paper... super-duper-majorly focus on that one thing for a month or more. If you get bored - you know that medium/material/technique wasn't your thing anyhow! If you adore it, you'll leap forward in the learning process. 

What's 365 Somethings all about?

365 Somethings is a year-long project where you create 365 of Something that YOU define.

I promise --> You absolutely have AMPLE time to finish a 365 Somethings Project even if you haven't started! Pick a small, do-able project with ideas from this List of 52+ Repeatable Project Ideas.

This is a project that Hanna Andersson and I challenged each other to do in 2018. This is our second joint 365. What's the point of all of this? Well, we think it's fun [and we are geeks, true] but more importantly... having an on-going project running behind-the-scenes is a veritable idea-generating-machine.