Beauty {Blue}: White Lettering

“There’s something about black.
You feel hidden away in it.”
Georgia O’Keeffe

Hand-lettering on a dark mixed media background, especially one layered with collage or acrylics, is especially challenging for art journalists! A white pen to the rescue!

In the video, I wrote with two different white pens on the background of Golden heavy body acrylics, {i.e. black, payne's gray, teal etc.} so at first glance it's a mysterious almost-black. I reserved some space at the top left for writing and that's where I added a quote. The words at the center margin were just squeezed in, not planned. And of course there are words on some of the papers... 


And in case you were curious, this is the way the page began. Under the first layer of paint is some tissue paper and then I just built the page a step at a time, one decision leading to the next. It's a rather organic process and I never know where I'll wind up!!! That's the fun, isn't it? Not knowing where we'll end up....

To write the Tolstoy quote, I used a white Uniball Signo UM-153. To write the Eagles lyrics, I used a classic white Sakura Gelly Roll. So now you've seen both of these marvelous pens in action!!!