Be True

The poetry of Mary Kate Teske.

{poem by Mary Kate Teske, shared with permission from the writer}

You can find more of Mary Kate's poetry and lyrical prose at her tumblr. I found her poetry real and raw and eloquent. I asked Mary Kate for permission to share a piece of her poetry here. Please read some more of her work and be thrilled. This is the next generation.

And the best thing about amazing writing is that it pushes you to write, it pushes you to get your words out on the page. When I read this poem, here's what went through my mind... 


Just write.

Write whatever comes into your mind.

Or the opposite of that.

But write.

Write on your journal pages.

And in your day-timer.

On the edges of your Target receipt.

In crossword puzzle boxes.

And index cards.

In thick navy blue Sharpie marker.

Or in dioxazine purple ink.

And write just before bed.

Or when you wait at the dentist.

Write to your friends.

Write about your enemies. 

Write a story.

Or a memoir.

About your neighbor.

Or a list of your favorite movies.

Or a screenplay.

But write.