Authentic | InAuthentic

"The universe is change;
life is your perception of it."
Marcus Aurelius

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In my travel journal, I wrote about the day-to-day play-by-play of the trip, where we went, who we saw, funny things that happened. Just choreograph it to Shiny Happy People and dance. But what happens to the stuff you don't document? You can't write everything, can you? Write the happy stuff. It's easier. Less sticky and ucky and messy. Isn't your journal more "you" with "real" stuff? This has been going through my mind. The idea of what we choose to write and what we don't choose to write.

I'm definitely not there yet. I find it hard to write about sad feelings, like going through my dad's attic. Old stuffed animals. Letters home from Penn State. Other unmentionables. Ooh, too serious, enough of that! I feel like anything serious I write will seem ridiculous and ordinary, not really describing the true feelings.

What do|don't you write about?