Artful Alphabetical Arrays

alphabet stamps + ink = play time

Use alphabet stamps as shapes, as color, as pattern.

My older daughter (11) and I created this page together. We did it in a grid format. Won't this make a cool art journal background?

My daughter stamped RAINBOWS with alpha stamps; for the corners, a square stamp in silver.

Doesn't the stamping ink look like candy?

I've been playing with alpha stamps as patterns and designs. The top photo, above, is a page created with alpha stamps that I plan to use as an art journal background! Not just using them to make words, but to make patterns and textures and designs. Alphabet stamps are a super useful. They seem expensive for such tiny things, but are well-used.


»» Stamp quotes
»» Stamp your journaling onto an art journal background
»» Try white ink on a dark background or dark ink on a colorful background
»» Create an art journal background or a collage background using stamps as a "texture" layer
»» Repeat the same letters in a pattern or to create the look of a shape
»» Hide your journaled words inside random lettering like a Find-A-Word puzzle
»» Add a date or title to a page
»» Make stamps from the hardware store, inspired by the book Print & Stamp Lab by Traci Bunkers.