The Art Pivots Forward Unexpectedly

"Openness to experience means allowing yourself a reflective, complex intellectual life - one that is continuously assimilating new and unfamiliar ideas."
David Greenberg

It always happens out of the blue. I'll be working on a journal page or an index card and suddenly there's a revelation. A pivot point. A spark. An "aha" moment, as they say. Some aspect of my work transforms | evolves | bounces and I'm off on a new trajectory. The change can be so darned subtle that others may not even notice. It's more often about how it feels to do the work,  the experience of building a page, rather than the end result. Art journaling never ceases to amaze and intrigue me.

Pages from the Turquoise book, an altered hardback book. This book is about 80% complete. It's the tail end of the last of three books I started a year ago. This one is a non-fiction book with glossy pages. This spread went through so many iterations & layers, really pushing the limits of the materials... including experiments with gel medium transfers!