{Art} On the Road Again

We just got back from a week in Ohio and Pennsylvania. To be creative on the road I decided to focus on The December Rainbow Escape Challenge.

Doing art en route {on flights, in airports and hotel rooms} requires a bit of pre-planning. I like to take just enough materials to provide choices but not take up a lot of space. The net result: a pen case filled with pens & markers, the Moleskine I've been using since January 2012 and about 25 index cards. That's it! 

Ahead.... the first four index card creations for The December Rainbow Challenge! I drew each card with shapes/patterns so that I had a spot to include the designated color combinations. Then I colored the doodle zones with Gelly Rolls, Glaze Pens and Japanese pens.


Scarlet & Orange. Quote.

Wrote this quote from a list of quotes on my phone. Drew some ornamental doodles hanging from the quote... like fringe. 

Indigo & Purple. Mind Map.

A list of the things to do when we got home. Due to delayed flights, we got to the vet a few minutes after they closed and they were kind enough to stay open so that we could pick up Kimba. I was happy that the pool was still running after a week of freezing temperatures. You have to keep the pool water circulating so that it doesn't freeze.

Green & Turquoise. Invent-a-Font.

Used ideas from our travels to make up fonts: "cobble stone streets," "Pittsburgh Pirates," "moleskine journal," "college transcript," "corner table," "puppet string," "sail boats" and "zoo fences."

Magenta & Scarlet. Use Found Poetry.

I was on the flight back from Pittsburgh thinking of a way to do "found poetry" without anything to cut up. So I paged through the mystery I was reading, pulled out interesting phrases and wrote them down. I had this picture in my mind of a multi-layered frame with some depth and texture. So I drew frame-like curves around the found poetry. Then colored the index card while waiting at carpool using Gelly Rolls, etc.

<<<THIS>>> is what challenges are all about!!!

Having a challenge PUSHES you to think outside of your box. When you work within a CONSTRAINT your mind gets very busy swooshing ideas around, ideas that FIT the challenge. I DOUBT I'd have developed this weird frame, or the idea of writing out the found phrases otherwise! So if you are finding it difficult to meet the constraints of a challenge, push yourself, question yourself, allow your mind to WANDER and figure out a plan. It is a chance to grow your creative skills and techniques if you push beyond your norms.

Find index cards #5-7 here.