{Art} On the Road Again #2

Index card creations #5 - 7 for The December Rainbow Escape Challenge! Are you finding time this busy month for art? That's the purpose of this particular challenge and what it is called an ESCAPE. This challenge involves matching 7 journaling styles with 7 color combinations and finishing the 7 works by the end of December.

I drew shapes/patterns on each 3x5" index card so that I had a spot to include the designated color combinations. Then I colored the doodle zones with Gelly Rolls, Glaze Pens and Japanese pens. I drew the cards while traveling in Ohio/Pennsylvania {flights/airports/hotels} and colored them back at home. While making dinner. And doing laundry. The laundry related to vacations is always massive!


Orange & Yellow. Top Ten List.

My younger daughter helped me with this one on the flight back from Pittsburgh. Top Ten lists are tough -- I have trouble figuring out what to include and forget things. We wrote a list of shows on the back and I figured out the order, then drew the numbers all over the card. My daughter suggested I use different "fonts" for each show. She wrote the fonts for Grey's Anatomy, House, Fringe, Third Rock, Boardwalk Empire. Friends was originally on the list but Downton Abbey bumped it to #11. Can you read them all?

Turquoise & Indigo. Fancy Schmancy Hand-Lettering.

Wrote this Stephen King quote from a list of quotes I keep on my phone for these occasions. I added serifs and thickened some of the lines to make the letters more fancy.

Yellow & Green. Patterns & Doodles. 

Patterns and doodles of course includes mandalas. Drawn with black gelly roll and colored with a variety of markers.

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