Art Journaling Is | Is Not

"The hardest thing to learn in life
is which bridge to cross and which to burn."
Bertrand Russell

Art journal yumminess by Daisy Yellow.

Art journaling is the name we use for this engaging art form that I fell in love with years ago. It might have been more apt to call it "visual journaling" from the start, because now it's to the point of confusion. The name is not meant to convey the idea of doing "high art" or formal art inside the bounds of a journal. It can be a rather impromptu art form - sitting down with your paints and papers or whatever you have on hand - and playing with color, imagery, paint, words, textures... there isn't an inherent structure, order or organization. And so thus it can be confusing when you are just jumping in and trying to comprehend what on earth it is. There are no templates. There is nothing you have to document or do. There is no structure. It is meant to be enjoyed for the process itself. Freewheeling, flexible, without rules. My thought is that if you like the way your pages turn out, that's a bonus. If they suck (in reality or just in your mind), that's OK too. Because it was only ever about the EXPERIENCE of DOING not the RESULTS or PERFECT ENDING. Isn't that what we want to teach our kids about art? Please don't build it up so much that you miss the joy of sitting at the table and creating. Use the supplies you have on hand. If that's electrical tape, a turquoise sharpie and the Yellow Pages, so be it.