Art Journal: Weird Dreams

I'm definitely liking the changes I am seeing in my own art journaling style. First, it's in a journal - a big change - most of my pages are actually on loose watercolor paper, and much larger. I like the intense acrylic backgrounds, doodling on the pages, and much more writing than usual. It's like I'm in a mood to document thoughts, stuff. Anyhow, I searched the exacompta journal for a background that I thought I could use (I do a lot of backgrounds at the same time) and picked this yellow and red one. I'd already collaged a little so I added more random things and started writing, writing, writing.

This is the first set of pages I created with the NEW alphabet stamps I bought! I'd been looking to expand my alpha stamps with a large 1" stamp and I love this set! This is Blind Melon from Traci Bunkers. When Traci mentioned that she liked to color in the letters, that sparked the doodles inside the letters.

In my dreams I am traveling or in an airport or on a train, looking for something - a bathroom, a person, a suitcase, a gate. There's a sense of urgency, searching, searching, walking fast, mazes, stairs that go in multiple directions. But they aren't scary.

One dream, I was en route somewhere with my Lufthansa ticket in hand, in the airport searching for my specific gate, running late for boarding. I was told I need some sort of stamp on my passport and I had to go to this other desk at the other side of the airport, with helpful people giving me directions, running through conference rooms with classrooms or corporate meetings full of people, up and down ramps, through sliding doors. But I never, ever find what I am looking for. Ever.

So that was the feeling I tried to convey on this page.

Have you art journaled about a dream?