Art Journal: Linger

“Remember to delight yourself first,
then others can be truly delighted."

Art journal pages by Tammy Garcia.

Art journal pages by Tammy Garcia.

Inspired by the lyrics of a Cranberries tune, these pages are loose and free and unstructured. How would someone unfamiliar with art journaling view this creative outlet. Creative outlet? Art? Craft? Hobby? Documentation? Mess? Collage? Perhaps it is viewed as uninspired drivel and chaos. Meaningless. So we get to define our journals and our pages in whatever way we wish. We don't need a goal or a template or a strategy. 

I filmed the process of making these lively pages. Lately I am leaning toward more, more, more and not wanting to stop working on a particular page. I work with vivid colors and select images that are kind of silly together, not telling a story or anything goal-oriented like that! So much of life is structured and rule-based, so I let all of that go when I do art. The weimaraner and the oranges and the japanese model, for example. Growing up, we had weimaraners, by the way.

  1. Try working from a smaller subset of papers. Flip through your scrapbook papers, painted papers, clippings from text, images & magazines & journal fodder and make a SMALL stack of stuff that you COULD use for that particular page. Then create an art journal collage, but just pull stuff from this smaller SUBSET of papers. The stack is your "potential or "in-between" ideas. No need to be 100% sure or commit or promise yourself that the initial stack will be the exact stuff you'll use. Working from a smaller stack may help you focus. I can't always describe "why" I like a particular little item that I place in the smaller stack of papers, or on the page itself. Guesstimate? I make a stack of about 1.5x as many papers as I think I'll need. I go for a variety of colors, words, shapes & images. 
  2. Use an image or photograph to launch your page. You could pull a color or two from the image, work with the mood of a photo or use one of the subjects of the photo as a prompt. For this page, I pulled the graffiti feel and the grungy feel of the photograph into the squiggly marks under the first layer of paint. 

The materials used for these pages. This page spread started with a photograph printed on a Polaroid Pogo Printer. I've had this little printer for years and find the desaturated prints charming. Next I made squiggly marks with Neocolor II wax crayons and painted with Golden heavy body acrylic paint. I adhered papers and made marks. The words, doodles and circles were drawn with a dip pen and white acrylics. This is an Exacompta Basics Journal. Original post: 2014.