Art Journal: The Potential of the Blank Page

Finally. Finally pulled out my art journaling materials and got to work. I'm still working in an altered book I started early last year, a book I call The Noticing Journal. It has completely fallen apart, and I do need to consider how I will pull it all together when it is finished. About 50 of the 65 two-page spreads in the journal are finished, the remainder in various states of disarray. Because the pages are now loose I have to be careful to stack them in order when I pull out pages to work on them. But I must admit that stitching is infinitely easier on a loose page. 

These pages started long ago with a purple-pink acrylic background and two photographs {printed on my polaroid pogo printer, imperfect and slightly desaturated}.

Fast forward a year...  and this week I painted flowers with golden heavy body acrylics using the technique from my Flowers & Faded tutorial, added fabric tape and posted the work-in-process on instagram adding something about it being deceptively cheerful. Next some drips with airbrush acrylics and a layer of iridescent paint to soften it all up.

The idea for the journaling came to me after months of not feeling the urge to work in this format. Not knowing what I had to say. I think it is good that each page in my art journal turns out some way that I don't imagine at the outset. It's always a pleasant surprise when it all comes together!

I wrote my journaling with airbrush acrylics, went crazy with Neocolors, and when the pages were dry, took it up to the sewing machine and added found text, washi tape and japanese papers.