Art Journal Test Run

"I tamed my personal art demon –
the tendency to think about painting
rather than actually painting
– by throwing the stuff on the blank paper
and telling myself
I didn't care about the end result.
I believed it and was saved."
~Rich Hawk

We're not vying for a spot at the Smithsonian next to Archie Bunker's chair. We're just trying to have some fun. There are zillions of tutorials, videos, examples, photos of work in progress on the web and in books. Pick one thing, do a little research, then play.

A test page is a loose art journal page where you play around with a technique. You may or may not keep the page... it's a way to trick your inner perfectionist and become an art journalist.

Try the techniques that look interesting. Experiment. As Dawn of D'Blogala suggested in Just Be You, "Look at others’ pages and ask yourself WHAT it is you like about their pages."

Do you like the vivid color or do you prefer pale neutrals? Lots of images or just a few? Do you like the typography, the way the letters are drawn? So carry that to your next step. If you like the way a photo was used, research ways to use/alter photos in art journals and start playing. Point a to point b to point....