Art Journal: Summer Winds Rev 1.1


18x24" strathmore watercolor paper, ephemera, golden heavy bodied acrylics

I like to let ideas overflow in my mind when I'm going about the day, then combine as many as I can in my next project. This makes the most of art time. This weekend I grabbed the cheap-o mini-paint roller and smooth Lexan board I found at Home Depot, an 18x24" Strathmore watercolor journal and my little collection of Golden heavy-bodied acrylic tubes.

When I use this journal (check out my 1st bigzo art journal page), the kids say they feel like Borrowers. It's big. It's unwieldy. The pages are so vast that they have distinct areas, building zones, languages, cultures, politicians. I have to step back to get a perspective on the developing composition of shapes and colors. First layer was paint, then collage, and what's next? Journaling, a quote, doodles? Check out more pages in process from this journal, including Watermelon.

EIGHT backgrounds | SIX collaged. 

Have any of your art journal pages signified a paradigm shift of some sort for you?