Art Journal: Springsteen

My tribute to Springsteen's Thunder Road with echoes of The River.

"show a little faith there's magic in the night"

Art journal by Tammy Garcia.

Collage & acrylics in an altered book.

When I create a page inspired by a song, the song goes through my mind over and over again while I work. I don't have to play it to hear it, you know that kind of song, the songs that are embedded in your soul over your lifetime. One of myfavorite Springsteen songs, along with Rosalita. Went to two Springsteen concerts in Pittsburgh decades ago, concerts full of story-telling and audience sing-a-longs.

Art journal by Tammy Garcia.

This is song #312 on the Top 2000 songs-of-all-time list on dutch radio. Each year, Marit challenges the entire world to create art inspired by the music on Dutch radio's Top 2000 playlist.

More music-inspired pages... my ode to Pink Floyd and to The Eagles.

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