Art Journal: Scraps

“I'm astounded whenever I finish something. Astounded and distressed. My perfectionist instinct should inhibit me from finishing: it should inhibit me from even beginning. But I get distracted and start doing something. What I achieve is not the product of an act of my will but of my will's surrender. I begin because I don't have the strength to think; I finish because I don't have the courage to quit.”
Fernando Pessoa

 8x11" art journal page, black paper

Wouldn't it be cool to have a wire-bound spy notebook to carry wherever I go, a spot for all of the ideas not documented. To squeeze in all of the random thoughts. For little disorganized notes now in journals, manilla folders, sidebars, margins, voice notes, slips of paper, post-it notes...  and the backs of envelopes. I have this uneasy feeling knowing that all of these little papers and words are not maintained in any cohesive format. I feel like they are flaying about in the wind, uncaptured. I'd feel so much better if I pulled them all together, but that would entail a treasure hunt around the house, peeking in books and drawers and thumbing through journals. Some day?

For this page, I stitched teeny tiny scraps of fabric on the machine, imagining them as little scraps of ideas. The journaling is in white gelly roll. Do you know All About Gelly Rolls?

I started a new flickr group called Art Journal Pages {Unbound} for posting your loose art journal pages, not in any binding or journal. Art journal pages on watercolor paper, cardboard, canvas.