Art Journal: Rainbow


You make all of the decisions about the inputs to your art journal. The type of paper you'll use, the size of the journal, the mediums, the style of art you will pursue between the edges. And the inspiration. You bring your ideas and techniques to the journal page and create something. How it turns out is another story alltogether. You contribute the raw materials and the ideas and swirl them together like a magic potion. I often say that we should focus on the act of journaling rather than the finished page, but we must work with intention. We shoudl be mindful as we work. We should notice our actions and choices.

The original idea started swirling a few days before I opened this book to paint. A rainbow. Graffiti. Scribbles. Textures in paint. After painting the rainbow I thought of thunderstorms and clouds and thoughts & stress weighing on my shoulders. The rain, the clouds, the rainbows, the chaos... the refreshing gust of cool air through wood-framed windows during a summer thunderstorm. The page includes india ink, hand-drawn papers, gelatin prints, a quote, heavy body acrylics and high flow acrylics.