Art Journal: Play World

A bunch of times in the past few months, I've said, "I'm in my own little world" as a way to describe myself. Like, I don't always notice drama around me. I'm thinking that doing a lot of art can result in that odd, disconnected feeling and perhaps you've felt it too? You just get into your own head a lot.

As I develop the Novel Approach and upcoming Groovy Grunge workshops, I have the camera and tripod set-up so I thought I'd film a few extra pages. So this is something I'm calling "Play World" and it's not particularly lovely or not lovely. What it does is exemplify for me is the freedom of art journaling.

There are many types of art where the idea is to create a particular composition, i.e. scrap-booking, graphic design, tri-fold product brochures, fine art or <fill in the blank>. Art journaling is different!

This video doesn't cover a particular technique or theme... but it's perhaps interesting nonetheless because it shows the random evolution of a journal page. This is a hardback book with glossy pages. The ingredients are heavy body acrylics, high flow acrylics {for the black lettering} and paper ephemera.

Daisy Yellow6 Comments