Art Journal: No Hidden Message


Underneath all of this is an acrylic background with a bunch of crazy stitching and the lines of a girl's face painted with acrylics {see below}.

Sometimes a page doesn't inspire you to move forward. Or you work {or paint} your way into a creative ditch and you don't know how to get out. In this case, I wasn't inspired to go anywhere with this cutie, so I decided to start over as if the page was blank. Still working in an altered book I started early last year called The Noticing Journal. An altered hardback book that has completely fallen apart. 

So I added magazine images, japanese papers, paint chips, a Tokyo metro ticket, words I'd lettered on index cards, etc. and painted the black words "just the page --> no hidden messages" because I don't have any secret agenda with my art.

Sorry, but no deep symbolism! Isn't that OK? To just paint, to just play? 

Next I finger-painted heavy body acrylics and added neocolors.

Finally, a trip upstairs to the sewing machine. After flipping through my ephemera and paper baskets, I stitched found text, painted papers and fabric to the page. I was especially curious about how to disguise the girl in the magazine image, and accomplished that with some handy found text. 

You never know where a page will go. That's what art journaling is all about. 

And after all, every page needs an ampersand.

Another page from this journal? The Potential of the Blank Page.


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