Art Journal: Natural Green Dots

“The magic is only in what books say,
how they stitched the patches of the universe
together into one garment for us.”
Ray Bradbury

The background started with Golden fluid acrylics and contains  found items, fabric tape, stickers, clippings from Japanese magazines, typed index card wisdom from my older daughter (14), painted papers, ephemera from Sue. Finished by adding layers of detail with heavy body acrylics, high flow acrylics and neocolors!

See? It no longer closes. And the pages are no longer connected to the spine! I plan to keep this journal in a box when it is finally and truly finished. Just a few more page spreads and I shall "call" it done. 

Hidden messages too.

These pages are in an altered hardback book that I call The Noticing Journal. If you have been reading Daisy Yellow for several years, you know that this book has taken TWO years to get to this point of almost-completion! You know that I work the pages at random. But it may surprise you to learn that I rework them at random, adding, completing, restarting. Lately I even started a few fresh full pages over other full pages! Why? Just felt like it. 

Surprise! The pages actually started with these lovely rainbowy flowy forms back in April 2012. I love(d) it. So when I decided to "finish" the page, I wound up going overboard... I love to ignore the elusive concept of white space. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Art journaling is play. 

Everything inspires me to work in my journal. The façade of a building, a clothing tag, the way the light glows through a window, the texture of a wall. Even my doodles inspire my journal pages. Let ideas from all parts of your life inspire your art. Let your own art inspire your art! Build on your ideas. Explore them. Alter them. Change them. Change your mind.

I want to BUILD & GROW this wonderful art form known as art journaling, because I love it so! I'm SO HAPPY about the positive response to the announcement about the upcoming {free} Art Journal Tangents & Tactics video tutorial series. I have been scheming about this for 4 months and it is wild relief to make the announcement and see it materialize! I am nervous and excited to see how the donations concept works as we move forward.