Art Journal: Motivation

"What we think or what we know
or what we believe is in the end
of little consequence.
The only thing of consequence
is what we do."
John Ruskin


9x12" watercolor paper, fabric, paint chips, etc.

I like using handmade stuff on my art journal pages - there's so much you can use to make your pages unique. The more YOU you put into your pages, the more unique and truly yours. You can print your art journal pages and cut out parts of them for a new page (infinite recycling, right?), stitch on fabric that means something to you, add bits of your kids's paintings (with their OK), cut up ATCs you've created, ticket stubs to concerts, museums, even parking tickets!

I'm looking forward to journaling on the little prepped journaling spot to write about how to motivate myself to get through the stuff I need to get done each week. The art always gets done. It's everything else that's the problem!