Art Journal: Mirror

“It's the spectator, and not life,
that art really mirrors.”
Oscar Wilde


I've been altering a book into an art journal, as you probably know, and this page started with a background I made a few months ago and a photo that no longer spoke to me! So I painted over all of that with greys, blues and off-white. Then I painted an impromptu girl using just three colors, adding more color to the brush without wiping any of the paint and refining the shape only with color. Then collage and the thought that maybe the page was about looking in the mirror, but who knows? I never really know what my pages are about. See more pages from The Noticing Journal

This is my art for DAY THIRTEEN of ART EVERY DAY MONTH. November is Art Every Day Month (AEDM) hosted by Leah of Creative Every Day.