Art Journal: Make Your Days Magical

I believe that we are responsible for our own happiness. That said, I still get frazzled when there are 1,064 things to do and I'm not doing any of them. Looking for the magic, the sparkly stuff in my days, is my way of pushing myself to "look on the bright side" and see the cup as half full rather than half empty. These pages are in an altered book I call The Noticing Journal, a journal featured in the latest Zine. The page has a background of acrylics and machine stitching with all sorts of found items, fabric, receipts, waves cut from an index card. Lots of curves with none of my typical grid compositions in sight! The photo at the left was taken at Venice Beach when we were in California this past summer.

The mandala on the right was drawn on an index card. Here's my process. I keep a stack of index cards and a few pens in the car. When my younger daughter and I are waiting at carpool for my older daughter, I grab an index card and add to whatever design I have going. So I might work on it for 10 minutes or 22, but I finish a card every few days. I cut out the mandala and stitched it to the page.

Have you used index cards or index card artwork on an art journal page? Did you use a whole card or just a portion? Do tell!

PS. Zine #10 is available now!