Art Journal: Kitchen Table

"Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it
but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance."
Charles Lindbergh

This is a wide wirebound Clairefontaine Carnet de Voyage journal with drawing paper.

There's something so incredibly calming {the word "grounding" might fit, but I'm not sure} about a simple cut and paste collage, where I seek out ingredients that go together for some reason, if only in my own mind! I might select stuff based on the feeling, the color palette, the shapes or the subject matter. Or all of the above! I think that I work in each of my journals differently. For example, in this journal, I build collages where I choose the elements with purpose so that I like the way the page looks and it seems balanced. The process of refining and selecting elements is what I find so calming.

This is not the same way I work in my current little Moleskine {the one I showed in Prompt60 #1} where I am just throwing things on the pages, tracking, keeping notes, documenting. For that journal, it's not about the hunt and placement of images but about keeping bits I like in one space.

Here's what's on these pages: On the right, a photograph of a 2010 art journal page with the same name. I don't know what prompted me to use a photo of an art journal page on an art journal page, but maybe it's like when you are in an elevator that has mirrors on all sides and you can see seemingly infinite mirror images of yourself and your companions. Let's see. Another Tokyo metro ticket {thanks to my husband who went to the little ticket booth to get the metro ticket stamped}, magazine clippings, my younger daughter's handwritten text, index card art, paint chip, map, Japanese papers, painted papers.