Art Journal: Isabella

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident
which everybody has decided not to see.”
― Ayn Rand

When the art journal materials are out on the breakfast table... I just have to dig in!!! So here are more pages from The Noticing Journal. This pair of pages started with a quirky painted girl on the right and blue paint and "blue jean" stamped on the left. I started adding bits from an a magazine I got in Italy, abstract bits of art, a quote from Edgar Allan Poe, drew mandalas on little white stickers I found in my dad's attic, more paint, washi tape, a very fun page to put together. By the way, the girl on the right is one of the Quirky Girls I invented {if you want to see the page before I started working today, it's the 3rd girl down in that post}. I named her Isabella.

This is my art for DAY SIX of ART EVERY DAY MONTH

November is Art Every Day Month (aka AEDM), an annual creative tradition hosted by Leah of Creative Every Day. I hope you'll get involved!