Art Journal: Haiku

“you are not too old
and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out
its own secret”
Rainer Maria Rilke

No need to count syllables, there's not actually a haiku on the page. I thought the word portrayed {delivered, contributed, relayed} a sense of poetic something or other to the page.  

I'm talking to myself here, trying to get to the heart of something. 

Ingredients include: acrylic paint, japanese papers, ephemera, painted papers, stitching, magazine cuttings, washi tape, words typed on a manual typewriter. Like the last several page spreads I've shared, underneath this page is a completely different background, simple acrylic paints that I opted to change completely.

When I created these pages, I was wondering how I would be able to continue to focus on good health and some new habits I am trying to forge into some sort of permanence. I'm continuing my pep talk from Dream Life and Love is Oxygen and Dare the Questions

What's behind this page? Here's the first layer. Acrylics, three photos and some washi tape. Just after the photo below, I stitched around the photos and you can see the texture of the stitches under the final layers of paint. I did this about a year ago and as the second to last page spread in this altered book, I hadn't decided what to do next. 

Working in altered hardback book that I started in early 2012 called The Noticing Journal

See? You don't have to know how your art journal pages will turn out when you start.

You can stop in the middle.

You can change your pages profoundly as you work.

AEDM: Artwork is for Days 7 & 8 of Art Every Day Month facilitated by Leah of Creative Every Day.