Art Journal: Geisha

9x12" gesso, fluid acrylics, neocolors, B&W photo

Falling in love with Caran d'Ache Neocolor II's all over again! They are so darned vibrant.

It might seem overwhelming to decide which colors to buy. What ultimately worked out great was to simply pick the colors I liked. This is not necessarily the list of the colors that I thought I should get, in order to achieve <the perfect artistic variety>. Let's say you have $21 to spend on neocolors. When I checked they were $1.48 per stick. It's less expensive to buy them individually. Plus you won't get colors you don't want. So you could buy 14. For example, 1 black, 1 brown or sepia, 3 blues/purples, 2 pinks, 2 greens, 2 orange/yellows, 1 red, 1 white, 1 metallic (i.e. copper or silver).

Look at your art journal pages. If you seriously never use green, you might skip the green or just get one. If you use blue throughout your journal, you might get another blue. I could easily art journal for a year with that many neocolors. They last a long time. Once you start using them, you'll see what colors you are drawn to most and you can widen the array from there. More thoughts on art materials at Step #399: Art Supplies. There are lots of art journal pages with grungy/graffiti textures made with neocolors in Tekenfilm Altered Book. And a mandala at Oh... and you can get them wet! Check out Neocolors in Moleskine and Pink + Orange Neo-Cities. Plus, I like them 1000x better than oil pastels.