Art Journal: Equivalent of Almost

"You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse
a bird or a squirrel of subversion or
challenge the ideology of a violet."
Hal Borland
Altered book, artwork by Tammy Garcia.

On these pages from the turquoise altered book, you'll find acrylics, Neocolors, machine stitching, washi tape, found papers, magazine images, an address label and even an index card {left side, stitched collage}. You might want to think of an art journal as a holding place for color & texture & words & exploration. That exploration might be with art materials {like, following your mood} or it might be with words or thoughts or analysis. Admittedly, I do not get all doom & gloom in my journal very often, so when I vent I often cover it up with paint or in this case, tearing some of it out altogether. I want to get it out, but I don't want to re-live it every time I open my journal, if that makes sense. We all use our journals differently, right?

And my favorite starting point for an art journal is actually a book.

The word JOURNAL is
conveniently located
right smack dab
in other words, directly
in the middle
of the term


I've been in love with the {art} of art journaling
for many years. And yet, I wonder.
What will I explore on my next page? 

Oh! If you want to learn how to do your art journaling in a book, stay tuned for the opening for my new online workshop Groovy Grunge! All sorts of art journaling and mixed media goodness en route. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter! I'm wrapping up a bunch of details. The early bird special starts SOON and the workshop opens for play December 27th. 

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