Art Journal: Echoes

"The Moon arose, she shone upon the lake, which lay one smooth expanse of silver light. She shone upon the hills and rocks, and cast upon their hollows and their hidden glens a blacker depth of shade."
Robert Southey

Acrylic and pencil in an altered book, artwork by Tammy garcia.

Acrylic and pencil in an altered book, artwork by Tammy garcia.

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There's a backlog of uncontemplated, unblogged artwork and journal pages.  I write, I edit, I delete, I rethink. Jagged loose ends, unknotted threads, unsettled emotions, unfinished ideas, incomplete subplots. 

All I really know is that we are all inherently creative. 

Remember last summer, when I started drawing flowers on index cards? In pencil/ink & gouache? 

Photo Jun 15, 9 28 22 AM.jpg

And drew a series in Neocolors & gouache...

And drew flowers in my Iona journal in ink & gouache...

Photo Aug 16, 6 15 18 PM.jpg

My process is to draw the flowers first, then paint around the lines. 

The pages at the top of this post? That's the first time I've attempted these flowers in acrylic. Tiny details, patient brush work. These are the inside front pages of an altered book. In my altered book art journals I work 100% in acrylic.

It's quite engaging to create the same motif or design or concept in a variety of mediums following a variety of methods. Even something as simple as a flower - perhaps it's a dahlia? Even something simple can be explored in 100s of ways. You grow to understand the shapes and the most challenging aspects of the design. You can play with tangents. Test different processes. I like the gouache in the Iona journal {that's the journal I call the Chance journal} best.

Creative work is possible for every one of us. Take note of the details and juxtapositions of life. Be curious. Work. Play. Experiment. Expand. Explore. Contract. Practice. Do the work. As you go, keep refining and parsing {my auto-correct really wanted to type parsnip there} and excerpting and readjusting the sails.

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