Art Journal: Contrast

“A government which robs Peter to pay Paul
can always depend on the support of Paul.”
George Bernard Shaw


I'm feeling like I am making real progress in The Noticing Journal but yet there is still sooooo much more to go! These pages started with two photos {left = bubbles over our pool; right = road near our house} on a dark green backaground. The photos have a sort of black & white high contrast quality that I thought worked well with the quote from Brene Brown of Ordinary Courage. For images, I hunted through my ephemera stash and the Italian design magazines I brought back from our trip looking for things that reminded me of black & white, contrast, color, lights, light bulbs, lamps, candles, shadows, windows, texture and found some wonderfully fun things to build the look and feel of the page. I'm starting to use off white (titan buff) on my pages, which is really a neat change from titanium white.


November is Art Every Day Month (AEDM) facilitated by Leah of Creative Every Day.