Art Books...

Looking through my collection of art books, I realized how much comfort I find in them, how many smiles and good memories in flipping and re-flipping through the pages. So here are phone photos of the covers and a peek inside of my favorite art books*.

The Creative License by Danny Gregory. All of Danny's books are top rate, and this is a great place to start. It is a great motivator and granter of permission to create art even if you don't think you are an artist. I'm actually re-reading this book right now!

Artist's Journal Workshop overflows with luscious journals and ideas for your own journals of paint, ink and documentation. This is about journaling in an artistic manner and not "art journaling" per se.


Good Mail Day by Hinchcliff & Wheeler is a favorite for mail art junkies, inspiration for any type of collage. Good info about the history of mail art. If you love found "stuff" and office supplies and everything postal you will find inspiration here.

  1. Color Mixing Bible by Sidaway is a masterpiece of mixing. With gorgeous grids showing the results of various mixtures in a bunch of different mediums. How do you mix a particular brown with watercolor? How do you mix a peach or coral with acrylics? The analytical in me loves this method of presentation, and the artist in me loves the results!


Gorgeous architectural line work in Gabby Campanario's The Art of Urban Sketching.

The Art Journal Workshop by Traci Bunkers and Journal Spilling by Diana Trout are the two best books to read if you want to learn how to art journal. And 1,000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol is the best book to show you what art journaling looks like {hint: it's not scrapbooking}.