Aquas on Canvas {a test}

11x14" canvas {blick, gesso prepped}, fiber paste, golden tubed acrylics, fluid acrylics

Such interesting questions come through my Contact Me page! This week, Debu, an artist from India, asked me about the characteristics of Golden fiber paste. Those of you doing the 21 Secrets art journaling workshop know that we use fiber paste in the Urban Layer Cake workshop to create some funky textures with acrylic paint. Debu asked how Golden Fiber Paste might work with acrylics on canvas, as he did not have access to sample quantities and would be ordering the art materials for his project.

I was curious to see what would happen... it might flake off the canvas, but it works so lovely on watercolor paper. The only way to find out... an experiment!

So I grabbed a canvas from my stash {using Blick Studio Canvas which is cotton canvas, pre-primed for acrylic painting} and painted it with fiber paste using a plastic gift card, using the edge to keep it fairly smooth. Then I mixed some Golden tubed acrylics with fiber paste in a plastic cup and used a big brush to paint the canvas. The brush adds more texture. I kept adding more color to the fiber paste - paint mixture, getting in an aqua mood as I painted. 

Ultra super cool results.

When in doubt, experiment!

I get so many questions, but few leading to experiments! When you ask a question, I really make an effort to help you with your art and creative queries. It take time to respond and really give your situation a lot of thought. What is hard and deflating and makes me question my dedication to this blog is that only about 1/10 people respond with a note or a thank you. Maybe my go into a black hole or thin air or a time warp and maybe land in a disco in the 1970s.

I really and truly want to know that you received my response, to know whether it helped, and what you tried. That helps me respond to other people's questions and gives me ideas for experiments and art supply tests. And to know when I'm on the wrong track!

Debu was most appreciative and I look forward to seeing what he creates with fiber paste!

Next steps - after the business of life continues - is to add collage and ephemera and more paint and stamps and... well you never really know! I'm going to treat this as an art journal page.