A close-up of part of the canvas painting. 

I stitched this a few weeks ago. It started with a canvas painting of circles in neocolors and water on canvas from... well I don't know how long ago I did it. It was something I really liked, but I felt like it needed something. I cannot fit a frame under my needle and didn't feel like taking apart my sewing machine so I pulled the canvas off the frame {simple, no tools needed, the staples aren't holding it that tight, turns out} and put it under the sewing machine with white thread in the top and stitched a few of the circles until the thread ran out {I didn't plan ahead and analyze how much thread I had, as I was caught up in the moment}. Then I decided the thread wasn't visible enough and switched to charcoal thread on the top and stitched the rest of the circles. But I liked the black stitching better so I went back over the white circle stitching with black, not paying attention to the existing thread.

It is not perfect. It is on a different planet than perfect. 

We all make mistakes. We aim the brush for Cadmium Yellow Medium and wind up with Paynes Gray. We want pastel and we get grunge. We want graffiti and we get art deco. Don't wrap your self-worth in your finished page. Don't bitch about a page you dislike. It doesn't move you forward. Just turn the page. Start again. It is all process. It is the focus on making art. Making. It is the time spent creating. If the page is 178 degrees off from your intention? It is just another step. Another page. Another bit of paint. Just turn the page. Start again. It is all process. There are no grades. You have not failed.