An Inked Mess

"We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill,
going more or less in one direction
until we splash into something
that forces us to find a new course."
~ Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

inked 5 pages with stamping ink, some with a gesso chaser...

prepped as art journal backgrounds. 

This fun was inspired by Aimee's backgrounds, which are created with stamping ink and embllished with hilarious tidbits + funky typography. Artsyville is a fun place to explore, go pop over and back, OK? While it's not my thing to copy or emulate the style of another artist, Aimee threw down the gauntlet in a comment, to see what could become of a bunch of stamping ink. And so it goes, my fingers were inked beyond words. More than a typical acrylic painting session and still tattooed on my fingertips! A sure sign of a fun day, eh?

These pages are interesting in so many ways. Next, I journal on an ink stamped background!

{NaNoJouMo #19 2010}

{More stuff for AEDM and NANOJOUMO 2010}