Altered Catalog: Collage Madness

"Life is like topography, Hobbes.
There are summits of happiness and success,
flat stretches of boring routine
and valleys of frustration and failure."
~Bill Watterson



This 8x12" (open) industrial catalog is filled with heavy duty cardstock and covers that fold out. What a find! I found 3 in mint condition in a recycle area at work about 5 years ago, and grabbed them, thinking they would be good for some sort of kid project. That was before I'd even heard of altering a book, or art journaling, for that matter. I was too busy analyzing numbers I suppose. Did you ever start art journaling and just got in the flow? It happened a few weeks ago when I started playing around with this catalog. The kids and I were busy going through clothing catalogs, cutting out words and images. They like to make "pretend people" with random clothing and people. I wonder where they got that idea? So I kept gluing and gluing, a dozen pairs of collaged pages. I shared a few of these pages a while back, but I wanted to show them all together.